College Park Scholars Updates Organizational Mark

College Park Scholars logo
After 25 years of using a clipart sun to informally represent its organization, College Park Scholars has updated its organizational mark. Shown here is the new Scholars "sunburst" design.

As a follow-up to its 25th anniversary year, College Park Scholars has updated its organizational mark. The updated design ties together the sun symbol, a clipart sun swirl that has informally represented the organization throughout its quarter-century history, with a design that was used in celebration of its 25th anniversary year during 2019–2020.

The result is a modern “sunburst” that signifies:

  • The contribution that each member of Scholars—students, faculty and staff, symbolized by the rays of light—makes to the whole, or the community (the circle of the sun);
  • The positive contributions that Scholars, both organizationally and individually, illuminates out to campus, as represented by the sun casting its light out; and
  • The warmth, optimism and creativity of the Scholars spirit, as denoted with its yellow color.

Alongside the updated organizational mark, each Scholars program now also has its own distinctive submark. The submarks each feature an icon representative of the program, sitting inside the Scholars sunburst. Submarks were designed in close consultation with program faculty and staff.

Scholars program submarks

Each of Scholars 12 programs also boasts a new submark. The submarks feature an icon representing each program, sitting inside the new Scholars "sunburst" design.

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